Our Method

Tubular Glass

Tubular glass is our specialty!

Screen Printing

We have the capability of creating personalized screens for your production requirements. From any size frame, to different types of mesh, depending on your needs.

We have the capability and in-house expertise to decorate your glass or our manufactured vials in ceramic, organic, or precious metal inks in a limitless range of colors. All inks are CONEG and REACH compliant.

Our adherence to strict quality procedures and attention to detail enable us to provide superior quality products to the marketplace.

As a result of the adaptability, creativity, and flexibility of our dedicated management and production staff, we are able to react and respond to our customers needs within minutes regardless of order size.

Glass Vial Quality Check

Sampling Procedure

We have strived to make this process simple yet thorough. With a 48 Hour convenient turn around commitment for our customers.

Here is Our Sampling Process:

  1. Send us your Artwork (see Art Design page for details) along with a copy of the below “Sample Request Form” filled out by you.
  2. We in turn make any adjustments necessary to print your artwork on your desired vial.
  3. We then send you a PDF Copy of what the artwork will look like for your approval.
  4. Once we have received your “Pre-Sample Approval” on the artwork, we will then proceed with the actual sample.
  5. Production will then print your samples.
  6. We will then ship the samples to you for your review and approval.
  7. When accepted, we will retain a copy of your approved samples and you are ready for production.
Download Sample Request Form: Sample Request Form.doc
Download Sample Request Form: Sample Request Form.pdf
Download Print Position Chart: Print-Position-032017.pdf


Screen Printed Vials Amber Glass Vials

We are proud to be eco-friendly and ISO9001 certified!