Quality Glass Vials

Phoenix Glass is a leading manufacturer of tubular glass vials, perfume samplers, autosampler vials, scientific glass, shell vials, and cigar tubes. Operating in the vial manufacturing industry since 1999, our 30,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped for a capacity of 600M units forming and 350M units decorated. Phoenix Glass is dedicated to offering your industry superior quality tubular glass products and decorating services to your specifications.

Our Shell Vials


At Phoenix Glass, we proudly offer an extensive range of stock vials and plug closures which are available for immediate delivery. We also provide custom and standard glass products for the cosmetic, laboratory, and scientific industries worldwide.


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Our Printing


We have the capability and in-house expertise to decorate nearly any tubular vial in ceramic, organic, or precious metal inks in a limitless range of colors.

Our adherence to strict quality procedures and attention to detail enable us to provide superior quality products to the market place.


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We are the #1 Supplier of decorated glass sampler containers for the Cosmetic Industry in the USA.

We are proud to be eco-friendly and ISO9001 certified!



Phoenix Glass is part of Arcade Beauty. With over a century of expertise, Arcade Beauty develops a wide range of sampling solutions for beauty and wellness brands around the world.